Random thoughts around data and domain investors

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I never really understood why any of the domain name investors focused registrars do not offer value-added services for their domain investor registrants – is it because they are in the same business and it would potentially be a conflict to provide valuable data?

Basic use cases for how Dataprovider.com can help:-

1. Insights into a website as we index and structure at least 125+ data attributes for each website. You can also leverage our technology to gain insights into domains you upload through your private crawl area. These are indicators of the value of a domain name as well. (like a domain-fax type of report)

2. Purchasing a portfolio of names? – run them through our private crawl and gain insights before purchase (inspection before purchase)

3. Looking for potential buyers of premium names? filter through 125+ data attributes and build that solid list of potential buyers to approach – eg. filter via 27 languages, across 50- countries, domain name length, SEO score, business/company name, economic footprint score and the list goes on.

4. Look for domains that have the potential for a build-out or sale, by filtering through the 125+ data attributes, that may have placeholder status (“coming soon” page), by the registrar, domain name length etc.

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