Your Website is Your Sales Tool!

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Presence is an impossible thing to establish without a means of recognition. If you are present and invisible, or present and indistinct, then no matter how good your products or services are, only the people who already know you’re there will not pass you by. So why should you have a website for your business?

Everybody needs a place on the map in order for anybody else to recognize that they need or want them, and how to access them – particularly because, in the era of the internet, and especially, within that, in the era of COVID, it is only placement on the map that informs other people that you exist, and within that, it is only branding that gives you enough of an identity to be your own destination, a destination that is not subsidiary.

A great product or service is fundamental to a good business, but the giants of the online market have recognized and found ways to capitalize on that at the expense of the businesses that generate these products and services.

When you don’t have a unique branding and shopfront, customers seeking these great products and services source them at online ‘supermarkets’ that become their default destinations out of convenience.

Amazon, eBay, and Etsy (among others) serve wonderful functions in drawing people to small businesses, as subsidiary destinations in the search for particular products and services. These small businesses experience success, however, when they are able to differentiate themselves enough to become destinations in and of themselves, independently of larger warehouses that carry their products.

Independent domain names and websites function as the address and branding that gives a business online locatability and identity.

These are the functions of recognition that turn good businesses into independent destinations, and this is the service that NOD3 provides. NOD3 offers businesses a package of their own domain name – their own place on the online map – their own websites, with their own branding and their individual stories.

Simon Sinek talks about the thing that makes a business special as its ‘why’, its story. You don’t have that through Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook alone: when, as a business, your product or service is found through a product search, your identity and your story are bypassed in its purchase unless they catch someone else’s attention along the way.

When all you have with which to tell your story is a Facebook page or an Etsy blurb, your story is formatted – configured – by someone else. No story is compelling as a fill-in-the-blanks, on a page that looks exactly like everybody else’s.

When your business’s ‘why’ – told by you, on your own website, in your own style – is the central thing about it, however, your products are valued not just as generic products (with all of the uncertainty, to consumers, that is inherent in unbranded products), but carry the value of coming from your business: they carry the story, the ‘why’, and that gives them the value that differentiates them.

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Your Website is Your Sales Tool!

Presence is an impossible thing to establish without a means of recognition. If you are present and invisible, or present and indistinct, then no matter

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